Evaluation of Attitudes Towards the Syringe Exchange Program

Torri Boldery Hanover College, Audrey Masterson Hanover College, Olivia Ramsey Hanover College
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kati Tuttle Hanover College
In recent years there has been a growing opioid epidemic in southern Indiana. This epidemic has led to an HIV outbreak as well. The Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) was put into place by then Governor Mike Pence to decrease the spread of HIV through the reuse of contaminated injection equipment. The goal of the current study is to assess the relationship between the community’s views on locus of control regarding drug addiction and belief in the just world with their assessment of the Syringe Exchange Program. The study was conducted through an online survey and participants were allowed to volunteer to participate in an hour-long follow-up interview that further explored their thoughts on the SEP. We have two primary hypotheses. First, we predict that individuals with an internal view of the locus of control about drug addiction will be less likely to support the SEP. The second hypothesis is that individuals who subscribe to the notion of a “just world” (i.e., people generally get what they deserve) will also be less likely to support the SEP. The results of this study could help predict the longevity and success of the program in Southern Indiana.
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