The Epistemic Oppression of Advanced Students

Rose Winters Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Juli Thorson Ball State University
Epistemic oppression occurs when an epistemic injustice is perpetuated for a long period of time, therefore hindering the individual’s capacity for knowledge. In this paper I am going to argue that schools can be a source of the epistemic oppression of advanced students. To justify this, I will first establish that children, in general, suffer epistemic injustice and then focus that claim on gifted/talented students in their elementary school years. Then I will discuss how this can lead to underachievement and clarify how this is epistemic oppression. Afterward I will consider the objection that we should focus what resources we have on the middle of the educational bell curve and on those to the left because those to the right of the curve will be fine because they are already ahead. To address this objection, I will use my previous discussion on underachievement to clarify that those at the top, when ignored, will put in minimal effort which results in the perpetuation of this epistemic injustice. Finally, before wrapping up, I will discuss the reasons why this is an important problem that should be addressed and some possible solutions.
Competitive Paper--All Disciplines (includes an Oral Presentation)
Competitive Paper (includes an Oral Presentation)

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11:15 AM
Jordan Hall 242