Effects of Representation in Media on Race Perceptions

Madison Morehead Valparaiso University, Jessica Andrade Valparaiso University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Matthew Ringenberg Valparaiso University
This study examined the impact that television platforms have on perpetuating the stereotypes assigned to minority groups by majority groups, specifically among young adult populations. Previous studies have focused on the impact of misrepresentation in the media on individuals that identify with minority groups. However, this study assessed the impact of television platforms on minority groups’ internalized perceptions of self. It also assessed the impact of television platforms on majority groups’ implicit bias based on the quality and quantity of representation consumed. We hypothesized that the more exposure people have to positive representation, the less implicit biases they will have against minority groups. Online surveys were sent to students at multiple universities in the Northwest Indiana region. Students watching habits were compared to both implicit bias and internal perception of self. This study has important implications on how racial biases are formed and how more positive and accurate portrayals of minority groups on television platforms have the potential to shape better race relations in the future.
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