The Effect of Workplace Subculture on Perceptions of Clients with Disabilities

Shelby Eaton Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
With the ever changing definition and attitude towards the term “disability”, it is imperative to understand how individuals develop positive or negative perceptions of individuals who have disabilities. Those who have disabilities and those who work with individuals who have disabilities represent a majority of individuals who have the greatest likelihood understanding of how to form positive perceptions of the disabled are are. This was shown in the Interact Project, which aimed to integrate workers and individuals with disabilities’ opinions and ideas in order to create a positive workplace environment and experience for the individuals who have disabilities (Gardner and Smyly 1997). My study asks: what can every workplace environments do in order to foster positive perceptions of individuals who have disabilities? The answer to this question will be found in a qualitative study, which includes interviews from around 20 providers who serve clients that have disabilities. Interview questions will look for themes in workplace environment conditions, management, specific roles, advocacy, exposure, age, years in the field, and other themes. The researcher will then be able to identify aspects that contribute to greater positive perceptions of individuals who have disabilities and thus how changes in the workplace have the potential to benefit both workers and individuals who have disabilities.
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