Do our Aspirations Influence our Collegiate Experience?

Taylor Winzenread Hanover College, Kylie Nienaber Hanover College
Faculty Sponsor(s): April Schweinhart Hanover College
As college students, we know that our aspirations have played a major role in our decisions to attend college and what to study. Prior research has presented considerable evidence in support of the relationship between aspiration content and various indicators of the well-being of college students. Our study was created to examine the effects of aspiration type (i.e., prioritizing intrinsic or extrinsic aspirations) on academic performance, academic engagement and subjective well-being of undergraduate students. Participants completed an online survey in which they were presented with a series of questions tapping into the importance of various life goals in their life, as well as questions regarding their academic performance, how they engage in academics, and their current subjective well-being. We expect to find that students who prioritize intrinsic aspirations will self-report being more engaged in their academics, having a higher academic performance, and having a greater subjective well-being. Our research will look at the possibility of extending past research on aspiration type to include effect on academic performance and engagement in college.
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01:45 PM
Pharmacy & Health Sciences 156