Do Differences in Teaching Evaluations Really Matter?

Catherine Bain Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Brian Giesler Butler University
This study seeks to determine what constitutes a minimally meaningful difference in student evaluations of their professors, when students are asked to rate their professors on a traditional 5-point scale. A minimally meaningful difference is a difference that may not be statistically significant, but has been seen to be significant to the related population. Data will be obtained through a series of surveys given to students at Butler University. Analysis will occur through both an anchor-based approach, using data obtained from two surveys administered three weeks apart, and a distribution-based method, using data obtained from a single survey. Both methods will be used to find the minimal meaningful difference in student evaluations of professors. I expect that the meaningful difference will likely be .5 on a 5-point scale.
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01:45 PM
Gallahue Hall 105