Differential Diet Analysis: The Effects of Binge Eating versus Active Foraging on Energy Conservation and Metabolism of Gekko gecko

Jacob Ritchie Anderson University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Daniele Ippolito Anderson University
Snakes are the most pronounced example of squamates that binge eat as an effective means to conserve energy, maximize digestion of such large meals, and augment growth. The goal of this experiment is to determine if this understanding of reptile metabolism extends to Gekko gecko: a smaller and more preyed upon reptile than most species that display this feeding behavior. In this study, one gecko will be fed crickets that it will actively hunt and the other will be consuming mice and lying inactive to digest the meals. If the gecko that is on a binge eating cycle gains significantly more weight than the other, it will support prior research and suggest that Tokay geckos can employ the same strategy
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09:00 AM
Gallahue Hall 108