Did it all PAY off? Examining Post-Graduate Career Success amongst Franklin College Alumni

Taylor McElwain Franklin College, Elizabeth Robertson Franklin College, Connor Holland Franklin College
Faculty Sponsor(s): Zhenyu Tang Franklin College
A survey was sent to Franklin College Alumni with the intention of accessing job satisfaction, income, and job status in relation to their undergraduate experience at Franklin College. The study goes in depth to see if there is a correlation between career success and undergraduate experience at Franklin College. By analyzing participants responses, the study shows that satisfaction transcended amongst various demographics i.e. gender, age, race and income. To further this analysis, the study looks at participants graduation year, college major, etc. to get a better understanding of how these aspects of their college experience affected participants overall career success.
Competitive Paper--All Disciplines (includes an Oral Presentation)
Competitive Paper (includes an Oral Presentation)

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09:45 AM
Pharmacy & Health Sciences 150