Developing Big Data Resources For Students In Three Majors

Andy Vera Ball State University, Floyd Stoner Ball State University, Ben Church Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Fred Kitchens Ball State University, Kyle Church Ball State University
The United States is facing a shortage of about 1.7 million employees who can understand and make decisions using Big Data. The leading software for storing and analyzing Big Data is Hadoop, and the average annual salary for a developer in this field is $112,466. Hadoop is an open-source software that allows for large data storage and analysis while using a scalable collection of commodity computers working together. Many leading businesses use Hadoop; for example, utilizes Hadoop to analyze large amounts of data collected from their global network. Thanks to Hadoop, Expedia can analyze huge volumes of data, resulting in substantial cost savings. At Ball State University, Computer Information Systems and Computer Technology majors are building a Hadoop cluster as a resource for Business Analytics majors to use, so they can apply the concepts they learned in class to real-life applications. The project will be a collaborative effort between all three majors and presents an opportunity for hands-on learning for all students in these majors. This is particularly advantageous to students because they will have the ability to apply the knowledge learned from the Hadoop framework to their career paths. We hope to provide a learning path for students in these majors to explore career paths in Hadoop administration, development and management.
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