Determining Net Nitrogen Mineralization Rates in Urban Farm Soils of Indianapolis

Spencer Lybrook Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Sean Berthrong Butler University
With mounting environmental issues surrounding industrial agriculture, small scale, local farms are becoming more common. These farms can be found across the world and even within our most populous cities. Urban farms can provide fresh produce to those with limited food access, reduce our carbon footprint, and create jobs. To better understand how these urban farms function and to inform urban farmers how to operate most efficiently, we need to gain an understanding of the basic biogeochemical cycling that occurs in the urban farm soils. By focusing on the process in which organically bound nitrogen is converted into plant available, mineralized nitrogen known as net nitrogen mineralization, we will be able to educate the farmers on how their soil is cycling nitrogen. This is important because nitrogen is the most common limiting nutrient to plant growth in terrestrial environments, and also one of the farmers’ biggest costs in the form of fertilizer.
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10:00 AM
Gallahue Hall 102