Desperate to Make Her Own Choices

Tapanga Gauck Franklin College
Faculty Sponsor(s): Sara Colburn-Alsop Franklin College
Using Federico Garcia Lorca’s play La casa de Bernarda Alba, this presentation will draw attention to the oppression and little to no freedom that seventeenth-century Spanish women experienced because of institutional rigid societal guidelines, including the Honor Code which is based on the strict beliefs of the Catholic Church. Jean-Paul Sartre’s theory of existentialism--that solely humans are responsible for their own personal destiny in spite of cultural and religious obstacles that impede their wants, actions and thoughts--will provide the theoretical lens through which we view the actions and reactions of the principal female character, Adela, desperate to make her own choices, even if her freedom can only be found in death. This presentation will be in Spanish.
Modern Languages, Cultures, & Literatures
Oral Presentation

When & Where

10:30 AM
Jordan Hall 242