Descartes' Dualism and James' Radical Empiricism

Anne Wetli Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Brian Day Butler University
As simple as it sounds, it is clear that there is a relationship between humans and the world. There have been many theories attempting to understand how these are related. I will focus on two of these theories, Descartes’ dualism and James’ radical empiricism. Descartes’ Dualism posits that there is separation between mental and physical realms of the world. James’ radical empiricism denies the separation between mental and physical realms and unites them through an investigation of experience. In this presentation, we will explore the process of looking at a flower as a dualist and radical empiricist. Through careful examination of different perceptions of beauty, color, and more phenomena, we will discuss in which ways dualists and radical empiricists describe relation and experience.
Oral Presentation

When & Where

01:30 PM
Gallahue Hall 106