Demographics and Unawareness of Racial Issues in Grant County

Hannah Bowman Indiana Wesleyan University, Elise Hervey Indiana Wesleyan University, Jazmin Morales Indiana Wesleyan University, Jaclyn Vancise Indiana Wesleyan University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katti Sneed Indiana Wesleyan University
Demographics and Unawareness of Racial Issues in Grant County: Jaclyn VanCise, Elise Hervey, Jazmin Morales, Hannah Bowman, Indiana Wesleyan University. Supervisor: Katti Sneed

In 1930 Grant County, specifically, Marion, Indiana was recorded to be the last lynching in Indiana. Grant County still appears to struggle with racial prejudice among its residents. This qualitative study aims to examine the relationship between demographics and unawareness of racial issues in Grant County. Through quota sampling, the study examines the various demographics of Grant County including sex, race, age, religion, education level, and socioeconomic status. Discrimination has been an overarching issue in the United States since the first settlers. The unjust treatment of people due to different characteristics including race, sex, and age has been a wide-spread topic of concern. In recent years, the subject of prejudice attitudes and beliefs have been at the forefront of political and societal debate in America.
This study focuses on the unawareness of racial issues including racial privilege, institutional discrimination, and blatant racial issues, specifically how demographics affect their disposition. The researchers, through this study, hope to gain a better understanding of the populations, specifically in Grant County, who appear to display more signs of colorblind attitudes. The data collected can then be used to educate and empower Grant County on its level of racial awareness and to promote unity amongst the county. The results can also be used to support policy change to create a better community among Grant County residents. Ultimately the goal of this quantitative study is to increase racial appreciation and understanding to provide knowledge that leads to inclusion and equality.
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