Death and the Surviving Community

Marissa Tawadros Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
The purpose of this study is to determine the different kinds of stigma people have to various kinds of way a person they know dies and how these stigmas differ from one each other. In this context, the study will have particular focus on those who have died due to suicide, cancer, drug overdose, or a random car accident. According to Chapple et al. (2015) “Bereavement after a traumatic death may differ from other bereavements and make survivors feel more isolated that other mourners.” The study will also focus on how participants perceptions of death changes over time. This study’s focus is on students at Butler University. The study will be using a 25-question survey with a mix of open and closed-ended questions along with some questions that involve a Likert type scale. The questions will focus on the relationship of the survivor and the person who has died, the survivor’s reactions to the death, how they handled it, and whether or not their views of that particular kind of death have changed over time.

Oral Presentation

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01:30 PM
Jordan Hall 203