The Cultural Influence of Middle Kingdom Egypt in Byblos

Collen Cramer Taylor University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kevin Johnson Taylor University
This presentation takes a look at the cultural influence of Middle Kingdom Egypt in Byblos during the Middle Bronze Age. It analyzes the evidence of Egyptian culture through material evidence and textual evidence. The material evidence of Egyptian influence includes Egyptian products, such as the Montet Jar, Egyptian items found in the royal tombs, and other luxury items of Egyptian origin. Textual evidence includes hieroglyphic inscriptions on goods found within royal tombs and the titles they gave to their kings. The presentation then analyzes why Egypt had such a cultural influence over Byblos. It addresses the spread of culture through the cedar trade and takes a critical look at the foreign relations between Byblos and Egypt through the perspective of the Inscription of Khnumhotep. This analysis concludes that through trade and a brief military conflict led to Egypt exerting more control over Middle Bronze Age Byblos following the reign of Senwosret III.
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