Criminal Justice System and Re-entry of Ex-Offenders into Society

Alexis Stemshorn Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Faculty Sponsor(s): Susan Hyatt Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Prisons play a vital role in promoting justice in societies. They are essential segments in the
criminal justice system. The Justice System plays a critical role in upholding law and order in the
society and ensures offenders are brought to justice. Expectedly, they are supposed to have a
human experience that is ideal for the rehabilitation process that will facilitate the lives of
inmates even after prison sentences. The importance of re-entry programs across prisons is
critical as an approach of reducing crimes. Lack of re-entry programs has been one of the most
fundamental issues that has been facing the prisoners. My paper is a critical analysis of the
insufficiencies in re-entry programs for incarcerated individuals reintegrating into society. This
paper is built on my understanding developed by existing research studies and literature. It
expounds on how the criminal justice system has significantly failed its citizens by lack of
well-facilitated programs and re-entry programs across the country.
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