Creation and Evaluation of an Online Learning Tool to Augment Student Understanding of Medicinal Chemistry Properties of Antipsychotic Agents

Lisa Fischer Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kim Beck Butler University
The objective of this study was to evaluate if addition of an online learning tool to standard lecture material improves students’ ability to differentiate clinical attributes of individual antipsychotic agents based on structural features. The activities of antipsychotic agents are challenging for students to master because of the variety of agents with activity on multiple receptors and diverse adverse effects. Studies show that learning tools that provide immediate, detailed feedback can increase student exam scores. We created an online learning tool that provides immediate feedback about antipsychotic agents and their properties. Students in an integrated medicinal chemistry/pharmacology course in the second year of the professional phase of a pharmacy program were randomized to two groups. After the completion of three 50-minute traditional medicinal chemistry lectures on antipsychotic agents, both groups took a quiz on structure-based clinical attributes of antipsychotic drugs at the beginning of the study period. Group A had access to the learning tool for seven days, while Group B was instructed to study as they usually would. Next, both groups repeated the survey and took a second quiz. Quiz results significantly improved in students who had access to the learning tool (5.02 to 5.96 points out of ten; p = 0.02). There was no net improvement in students without access to the learning tool (4.62 to 4.36 points out of ten; p = 0.36). Incorporation of an online learning tool that provides immediate, detailed feedback may improve learning of medicinal chemistry concepts related to antipsychotic drug clinical attributes.
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