Correlation Between Relationship and Type of Abuse to Child Victims in Grant County

Hannah Rufener Indiana Wesleyan University, Kirsten Collins Indiana Wesleyan University, Leah Lowery Indiana Wesleyan University, Alissa Houpt Indiana Wesleyan University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katti Sneed Indiana Wesleyan University
The maltreatment of children is a cause that is catching wind throughout the nation. As awareness is being spread, laws are being passed that allows victims to sue their abusers in various states. While child abuse is strongly present throughout the country, there are still many holes in research among the topic. The purpose of this quantitative research study is to explore the connection between perpetrators in relation to the type of abuse that is used against child victims. More specifically, the researchers hypothesize that there is a correlation between perpetrators inside the home as compared to outside in terms of the type of abuse used. In addition, it is theorized that there is a correlation regarding the relationship between the perpetrator and victim with the type of abuse that was reported. Existing data from 2004 to 2018 through First Light Child Advocacy Center, an agency serving children in Grant and surrounding counties in Indiana, will be the source of information analyzed. Results of this study will assist advocates and policy makers in establishing prevention strategies in combating child abuse. In addition, aftercare treatment for the victims and their families can be enhanced.
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