Conceptions of Parenthood

Ashlyn Edwards Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kaitlyn Creasy Butler University
This paper outlines common conceptions of parenthood and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of these models. The primary conceptions discussed are the proprietarian, consent, custodial, causal, and stewardship views of parenthood. Each type of parenthood is assessed by either its description of how a parent comes to be or its normative claims about how a parent should act in regard to their child throughout the child’s life. These most common conceptions of parenthood are outlined and critiqued for their ability to create a successful, well-rounded, concept of a parent. The strengths and weaknesses of each conception are weighed in order to create the ideal model of parenthood. The stewardship view is shown to be the most successful conception of parenthood because of its normative claim about what makes a parent a good parent throughout the life of the child. This ideal model is then applied to adoptive parents in order to illustratedthat these parents are just as, if not better, suited to be parents than the traditional biological parent is.
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