Comparative Case Study of Language Coherence in People with Aphasia

Ashleigh Doub Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Mary Gospel Butler University
The focus of this presentation is a comparative case study of language coherence, or how segments of language relate, in people with aphasia. Aphasia is a language disorder secondary to a neurological event. Two adult participants, one with fluent aphasia and one with non-fluent aphasia, were previously recorded telling the Cinderella story from a wordless picture book. The recorded language samples were transcribed into smaller units and scored on a five-point scale (Glosser and Deser, 1990) that measures language coherence on a macro- (global coherence) and micro- (local coherence) level. This case study is a preliminary study that has laid a foundation for future research of local coherence within populations affected by communication disorders.
Communication Sciences & Disorders and Education
Oral Presentation

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09:00 AM
Jordan Hall 238