Community Pharmacist Confidence with Prescriptions for Pediatric Patients

Hannah Protich Butler University, Chad Ketelaar Butler University, Gabrielle Law Butler University, Kelsey Romans Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Chad Knoderer Butler University, Kristen Nichols Butler University
Community pharmacists dispense a variety of prescriptions for patients of varying ages. The objective of this study was to determine the confidence and abilities of community pharmacists in the process of dispensing prescriptions for pediatric patients. A sample of community pharmacists in central Indiana were contacted via telephone and asked to participate in this IRB-approved study. A survey of 24 multiple choice and free response questions focused on demographics and the pharmacists’ confidence in verifying, dispensing, and counseling on prescriptions for children. Nineteen of 26 (73%) contacted pharmacists completed the survey. Respondents reported a median (IQR) practice experience of 9 (2.8 - 24) years. Six (32%) respondents reported that they were not confident in their ability to detect errors on prescriptions. Eighteen (95%) respondents agreed that they felt confident calculating a weight-based dose. All respondents agreed that they were confident in counseling caregivers but only 15 (79%) were confident in counseling the pediatric patient. Eighty-three percent of respondents reported dispensing a syringe with a liquid medication with only 53% reporting counseling on how to use it for the majority of encounters. Only 10% reported communicating directly with the child for the majority of encounters. Most respondents were confident in their ability to accurately verify, dispense, and counsel on a prescription for a pediatric patient. While respondents had confidence in their ability to counsel a pediatric patient, only 10% reported communicating directly with the child for the majority of encounters. These findings identify areas for potential development and further education.
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