Color Your Way to Health: An International Study on the Use of Infographics as a Teaching Agent for Children

Kendra Lucas Butler University, Jessica Samuel Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Trish Devine Butler University
Historically, infographic use has largely been studied in regards to improving a parent's knowledge of a child's illness or condition; currently, there is no published literature to support the use of infographics in educating children. Our study is unique in that it is focused on the child, whom has the potential to also improve the knowledge of the parents and the child's peers. The purpose of this study was to identify and evaluate the effectiveness of learning health and wellness through the use of an infographic in the child's native language. The study was conducted during medical mission trips in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Participants ranged from ages 4 to 12 years old, and both verbal assent by the participant and consent by the parent or legal guardian were obtained. During the study, children took a pre-survey, colored an infographic covering basic health information, and then took a post-survey. Overall, 51 children participated in the study. Results revealed a pre-survey median score of 75% and a post-survey median score of 100%, an overall improvement of 33.33% (p<.05) in scores following education with the infographic. Of significance, all participants achieved post-survey scores equal to or greater than their pre-survey scores. Potential benefits of this research include providing health education to children that might not otherwise receive this type of education; subsequently, this offers a means to develop and share healthy habits among underserved populations living in impoverished areas.
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