Border Security and Immigration Policy: The Fight Against Terrorism

Caroline Klenck Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
Millions of people have been affected by terrorism all over the world directly and indirectly. These attacks instill fear in victims and utilize unlawful violence with the goal of spreading a political message. In recent years, there has been an increasing debate on the controversial topics of immigration and border security in order to prevent such attacks. Previous research has focused mainly on immigration policy or border security, but not the two together. My research will examine the effects of various countries’ border security and immigration policies on terrorism across borders. I believe factors such as weak central government, inadequate border security, and insufficient immigration policy, foster terrorism. By using data analysis from the Global Terrorism Database, I will identify how terrorism attacks change and correlate with the introduction or strengthening of border security and immigration policies. I hope that the findings will shed light on what is most effective in this highly debated topic.
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11:30 AM
Jordan Hall 201