Between the Mindful & Mindless

Anna Gerlach Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gautam Rao Butler University
My whole life doodling has been an integral part of the way I process information. You can find these scribbles all over the pages of my notebooks. This doodling carries me to a meditative state amid thinking too much and not thinking at all. I get lost in my drawing all the while concentrating on listening to the present moment. The creative process of doodling allows my unconscious mind to fill the page with interconnected abstract symbols and brings out some of my most inspired work. However, doodles are not just scribbles on a page but a true art form that showcases the most elemental and raw creativity.

My body of work explores these abstract doodles and their cross between mindful and mindlessness. By enlarging, rearranging, and recoloring my original notebook doodles into a planned composition, these drawings are brought to a new life. Each piece straddles the conscious and unconscious creative process of doodling and artmaking. My hope is that as you examine each piece you reflect on your own mindful and mindlessness as this body of work takes you to that place between.
Art/Art History
Oral Presentation

When & Where

01:30 PM
Lilly Hall 133