Be Boldly Reflective: Artistic Insight Journal

Bailee Dodson Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gautam Rao Butler University
As I close out my time as a Butler student, I want this thesis to not just be something I create but I want something to be created. An emotional response. A new idea. A healed heart. Or maybe just pure expression. I have had to be an advocate for myself since the moment I walked on Butler’s campus because what I truly want to do is not an established major, which inspired this project.

My reflective art journal: Be Boldly Reflective, will be a tool to help people identify who they are and where they can focus to decrease the struggles in their life. This art reflective journal has no purpose unless I have actual participants work through the reflective art journal, which is why when I present this project, I will have actual pages for people to discover and participate.

This piece has the desire to speak out my passion for this type of work and to be an advocate for expanding art therapy. I want my thesis to be evidence of why art is a reflective method for healing from trauma, mental health, behavioral issues, and socialization. My psychology classes have given me an extensive understanding of the brain, humans, and the interactions made between humans. This journal is a collection of me walking through college, meeting with art therapists in the Indianapolis area, and creating my path to the career that I hope makes my heart the happiest.
Art/Art History
Oral Presentation

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09:00 AM
Lilly Hall 145