Barriers to Mental Health Care

Kasey Meeks Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Amy Peak Butler University
Depression, anxiety, and stress run rampant among health professions students at the graduate level. Young adults who will become the next generation of healthcare providers struggle with mental health problems and the stigma that accompanies seeking help, but they are not the only students their age who experience these problems. Undergraduate students in all fields have increasingly high rates of mental health problems, and yet college graduates in fields outside of healthcare have not been shown to experience these problems at the same rate as their peers in medicine. This project will examine Butler students’ current states of mental health and attitudes toward seeking mental health care to determine whether there is a significant difference in self-reported coping mechanisms and barriers to mental healthcare between students who are pursuing careers in healthcare and those who are not.
Pharmacy, Health Sciences, & Exercise Science
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02:15 PM
Pharmacy & Health Sciences 212