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Leah Heim Ball State University, Maggie Mayer Ball State University, Fila'Sha Finley Ball State University, Sam Kubiak Ball State University, Kylie Poling Ball State University, Rachel Carmichael Ball State University, Natalie Kuss Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Vanessa Rapatz Ball State University
Ball State University’s Digital Literature Review is an undergraduate journal of literary scholarship produced over the course of one of Ball State’s yearlong immersive learning classes. This presentation seeks to explain both the process of making a journal and the theme for this year’s edition— “Brave New Worlds: Utopias and Dystopias in Literature and Film.” Students who have participated in this year’s edition of the Digital Literature Review will offer insight into the operations of the journal’s three work teams—editorial, publicity, and design. The portion of the presentation dedicated to the editorial team will focus on the process of choosing submissions, content and copy editing those submissions, and editing the journal’s blog posts. The publicity team section will focus on how Ball State students have developed strategies to bolster the journal’s presence on social media and on campus. Last but not least, the presentation will focus on the design team and how students create original visual media for means of promotion and overall journal aesthetic. In addition, this presentation will discuss the more academic aspect of the Digital Literature Review experience. Students will discuss the books, short stories, films, and poems that they have interrogated in order to acquaint themselves with this year’s theme and in order to prepare for receiving similarly themed submissions. Students will also offer insight into the process of working on their senior capstone research projects, in which they also engage with the journal’s theme.
English Literature & Creative Writing
Oral Presentation

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02:15 PM
Jordan Hall 303