Attitudes on the Perceived Gentrification in the Butler-Tarkington Community

Julio Trujillo Butler University, Ethan Daniels Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
Butler-Tarkington, a neighborhood within Indianapolis, Indiana has been undergoing drastic change of character in and around the Butler-Tarkington community park. Such investments are often seen as a much-needed improvement to the community, but others worry that this renovation signals an impending threat of gentrification. Gentrification is a widespread phenomenon that is occurring throughout cities across the country (Maciag, 2015). Two profound schools of thought have arisen from gentrification; first, that it is a beneficial process that redevelops low-income communities (Byrne, 2003; Melzer & Schuetz, 2012; Meltzer & Ghorbani, 2017), or secondly, that it displaces old residents and creates a class and racial conflict (Patch 2008; Zukin 2008; Langegger, 2016). Our study proposes to examine this process within the community by utilizing in-depth interviews as a means to clarifying this often-complex phenomenon; thus, semi-structured interview data gathered from the viewpoint of long-standing residents, newcomers and stakeholders, is essential to discover attitudes towards this perceived gentrification of Butler-Tarkington. The information gained will provide us resident views of renovations and their sense of gentrification. We believe our study will illuminate an essential voice in the scientific literature regarding gentrification.
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