From Aswang to Zombies: The ABC's of Folklore and Legends

Victoria Mills Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gautam Rao Butler University
Something that I have always found interesting are different folklore or legends around the world. First, it started with the legends from the area I used to live. We had one main one, Peggy Holler. It was about a woman whose husband had well chopped off her head. It just so happened that I lived on the street to where it is said to have happened, appropriately named Peggy Hollow road. Well, the legend was that you could still hear her calling for help as she was looking for her head that her husband supposedly still carried around. Now, I cannot say to whether this is a true story or not, or it may have been my overreactive imagination as a child, but my sister and I would swear up and down that we heard someone calling for help after we passed a certain point near the barn we used to have. I know this area very well; it is a tiny creek or rather stream of water that leads to the trail in our neck of the woods. I cannot say that I am comfortable to this day going over there alone, in fear I may hear this voice again. However, spookiness aside, I have been researching different creatures around the world that may or may not be real in one way or another. I am creating an ABC book that explores these creatures with my own spin on what they may look like according to different sightings and descriptions.
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