The Art of Color Schemes

Taylor Bowen Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gautam Rao Butler University
The Art of Color Schemes is a body of work that explores the relationship between found objects and locations with color and art. I plan to capture the beauty of these everyday things in a new light.

Often people pass a spot or the items that inhabit it without another thought. I plan on providing a new way of looking at them through creative art direction. When we watch a Wes Anderson film or go to Walt Disney World we see how space and the items within it are thoughtfully placed and the color schemes capture our attention. What if there are places and things like those in our world around us every day? What if it only took a second to look up from your phone and see the world around you for its true beauty?
Art/Art History
Oral Presentation

When & Where

11:15 AM
Lilly Hall 133