Analyzing Challenges in Climate Change Rhetoric

Maura Ross Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Carol Reeves Butler University
This paper uses data collected from personal interviews to analyze first-hand experiences American scientists had while acting as lead authors for the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) done by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The goal of the project is to examine the intricacies that scientists are confronted with while deciding the rhetoric for conveying information in the midst of today’s politically-charged atmosphere and how those decisions impact the presentation of data. During each interview, there were certain comments that continuously emerged that highlighted specific challenges, such as how to accurately express uncertainties, the impacts from politicizing climate change, and the logistics of maintaining uniformity and communication while working on an international assessment despite unequal outside support for authors. Interesting discrepancies also arose from identical questions posed to each author in regard to the intended audience of the report, language barriers, and advocacy in science. This paper will summarize and analyze the reoccurring statements and important discrepancies.
Sustainability, Urban Ecology & Environmental Studies
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