An Analysis of Ritornello Form and Performance Techniques in the Third Movement of Vivaldi’s Bassoon Concerto in F Major (RV 485)

Ntinyari Miriti Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Andrew Farina Butler University
The third movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto in F Major for Bassoon (RV 485) is in ritornello form. The principal themes, known as the ritornello, are featured in the tutti orchestra sections. Solo bassoon interjects with episodes. In comparison to the virtuosic solo bassoon lines, the tutti is simple because they are stable in key. The bassoon line modulates primarily through sequencing. Bassoon soloists may choose to ornament the melody or change articulations that are left unspecified by Vivaldi. This presentation discusses the ritornello form, functions of the orchestral tutti and bassoon solo, and common performance techniques.
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