9. Object Oriented Programming Instruction Using a Processing©-based Framework

Raul Pena Purdue University Northwest, Shakira Taylor Purdue University Northwest
Faculty Sponsor(s): Magesh Chandramouli Purdue University Northwest
This project explains the design and implementation of a Processing©-based framework for Object Oriented Programming Instruction. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is becoming increasingly important not only in engineering and technology applications, but in various other STEM areas as well. The advantages of OOP such as code reusability, encapsulation, design benefits, and software maintenance have made programming languages such as Java and C++ extremely efficient and prevalent. However, the difficulty in understanding basic OOP concepts is one of the key challenging factors that hinders the use of these effective tools by students. This is a key concern in STEM disciplines as the number of students who are prepared to meet the workforce needs that require OOP skills falls significantly short of the demand. This project will focus on developing a graphics-based Processing framework for OOP instruction. Processing (processing.org) is a programming language that was mainly created with the intention of promoting coding in visual arts and is a relatively easier language to learn. The modules and related assessments will target beginning and intermediate level undergraduate students and enable students to explore OOP using interactive environment developed using Processing while facilitating deeper learning. The overarching goal of this project is to increase student outcomes in OOP courses through an interactive environment to improve student programming skills.
Mathematics & Computer Science
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