9. Comparative Analysis of QuPath and Aperio Positive Pixel Quantification in CD8+ and HSF1 Human Breast Cancer Tissues Microarrays

Andrew Houser Indiana University Bloomington
Faculty Sponsor(s): George Sandusky Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Image analysis has become an ubiquitous resource in biomarker quantification. Aperio ImageScope is an FDA-approved software package developed by Leica Biosystems to quantify immunohistochemistry (IHC) biomarker presence in tissue. QuPath is a free, publicly available, and open source digital pathology and whole slide image analysis platform. Both software packages include tissue microarray (TMA) analysis packages, Aperio TMALab software and QuPath TMA dearrayer. They are specifically designed to quantify IHC positivity in a multicore array. The intensity ranges produced by Aperio are used to generate a calculated “histo-score” (H Score). QuPath automatically excludes fat and stroma from the pixel positivity score, while the Aperio TMA package assesses the whole core. Within this study, the TMA positive pixel quantification packages of Qupath and Aperio were compared using two IHC biomarkers, CD8 and heat shock factor protein 1 (HSF1), in 10 breast carcinoma TMAs. Each TMA consisted of approximately 80-90 cores. Slides were scanned using the Aperio digital imaging system, Aperio Scancope. The assessment included regression trends between each biomarker compared between both systems, as well as a pathology hand score. QuPath positive pixel quantification was consistent with Aperio positive pixel quantification in both CD8 and HSF biomarkers, with a correlation coefficient of 0.6483 and 0.7911, respectively. With this result, it is reasonable to conclude that QuPath should be considered as a comparable program for preliminary data analysis as it provides an inexpensive and reliable quantification method for digital pathology research. This conclusion is contingent on the presence of a properly trained technician or researcher in the development of the QuPath analysis parameters for the individual study and biomarker(s).
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