6. Characterization of Specific GIRK Subunit Modulator Association

Daniel Flood Purdue University Northwest, Mariam Elroub Purdue University Northwest
Faculty Sponsor(s): Radmilla Stanic Purdue University Northwest
Research surrounding the associations and activation between G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and G-protein inwardly rectifying potassium (GIRK) channels has been extensively studied; however, the specificity of the heterotrimer (Gαβγ) and GIRK subunit association has yet to be fully understood. The Gβγ subunit is known to be directly associated and responsible for inducing channel activation. Furthermore, chimeric studies have acknowledged several constituencies within the cytoplasmic domains of GIRK channels that are directly involved in Gβγ binding and activation; and studies have identified important residues involved in GIRK channel intracellular domain association and activation. Transfected with COS-7 cells, which do not constitutively express GIRK subunits, will be using various constructs such as GIRK1-linker (a construct containing only the intracellular domains) and full length GIRK1 and GIRK4 subunits. Following cell lysis, immunoprecipitation will allow for isolation of the GIRK subunit. We will test the association of various subunits of intracellular domains and Gβγ will be analyzed as well as the influence of ethanol on the specific subunit and Gβγ association. We hypothesize that different GIRK subunits have variable specificity in domain Gβγ association.
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