5. Depicting Ragnarök

Sarah Maxson Ball State University, Olivia Grounds Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Brent Blackwell Ball State University
The Old Norse have a series of myths that depict what they believe to be the end of the world, called Ragnarök, and what leads up to it. In the myth of Ragnarök, almost all of the gods die fighting their eternal enemies and the earth sinks into the ocean, which is the end of their nine realms. However, some records of the myth go on to tell a rebirth story that includes the next generation of gods. These myths have inspired many artistic interpretations and even new stories based off of the characters in them. One of the more famous interpretations is the film Thor: Ragnarök created by Marvel, but this rendition of the myth takes on its own story line to fit in with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It leaves out many important events that occur in the myth. Other interpretations have tried to illustrate these events with little success due to the complexity of the myths and because there are inconsistent poems dealing with Ragnarök. With this presentation, we are working to clear up some of this confusion by creating an illustration that displays all of Ragnarök including the precursors, the battle, and the rebirth. The graphic will give a timeline of events and how the actions of different figures create a cascade that leads to the chaos of Ragnarök.
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