5. Demystifying the Dark Web: A CryptoParty Intervention

Derek Harvell Southeast Missouri State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Jamila Loving Southeast Missouri State University
The Dark Web is a relatively unknown concept to most people, other than it is an entity used for mainly nefarious acts. However, there are many constructive and positive benefits to using the Dark Web. Many people likely do not know why the Dark Web was created or how it evolved to what it is today. Pertaining to the Dark Web, a contemporary movement, called CryptoParties, have been created to spread the benefits of the Dark Web and promote safe usage while browsing on it. The term has been used since 2012 and has been limited in growth of the idea. Being a decentralized and linear platform, anyone may attend CryptoParties and they are typically loosely structured to ensure the audience feels comfortable while attending. Using a pre/post test design with a CryptoParty intervention (a psychoeducational experience of the benefits of the Dark Web), I hope to not only give the Dark Web a more objective view in the eyes of participants, but to give them the knowledge and tools to safely browse the Dark Web. In summary, the present article focuses on the positive aspects of the Dark Web and why using it may be beneficial to one’s privacy and anonymity online, while also acknowledging the negative aspects. Some arguments for using the Dark Web include remaining mostly anonymous online, not being readily tracked by third parties while online, and feeling safe while online. Although there are many negative stereotypes associated with the Dark Web, giving it due respect may prove useful in reducing its negative connotations and reputation.
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