5. Comparison of Toxic Metal Content in Processed and Unprocessed Herbal Medicines using ICP-MS

Zach Towle Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Olujide Akinbo Butler University
Herbal medicines have positive health benefits many people look to use herbal medicines for these benefits. The toxic metal content in these herbal medicines are often overlooked. This study was designed to compare the raw unprocessed herbal medicine with the processed complementary herbal medicine to determine if there are any significant differences in the trace element content. Samples of Asian origin were analyzed using ICP-MS. Trace element intake for males and females of age 19-70 were studied because they probability of intake. Daily exposure (μg analyte/day) found for Al, Cr, Zn, As, Cd and Pb were found to range from (46.0-1.7x104), (0.4-138.2), (30.8-716.7), (0.2-10.3), (0.1-6.5) and (0.2- 37.4) respectively. This represents the %RDA of the metals Al, Cr and Zn that ranges from (139.4, 5.1x104), (1.4, 4.2x103) and (1.2, 22.2).
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