4. Ester-Protected Ethambutol Derivatives

Erin Kile Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Jeremy Johnson Butler University
Ethambutol is a primary antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis (TB), the most deadly infectious disease
worldwide. However, ethambutol has some serious side-effects, including liver damage and inflammation of the optic
nerves. Conversion of ethambutol to an ester-protected prodrug could alleviate some of these side-effects and could
increase the specificity of the drug for M. tuberculosis. Ten ester-protected ethambutol derivatives were synthesized to
determine the toxicity, chemical properties, and biological functions of each derivative. The ability of each ester-protected derivative to act as prodrug was analyzed. The results of this project provide new insight on how the
chemical and biological properties of antibiotics affect their toxicity against TB.
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
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