24. Social Justice and Diversity Focused Presentations in a Pediatric Pharmacy Elective Course: Impact on Student Knowledge and Perceptions

Danielle Carr Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Chad Knoderer Butler University, Kristen Nichols Butler University
In fall 2018 Butler University’s pediatric pharmacotherapy elective integrated a longitudinal presentation activity focused on the intersection of pediatric pharmacy and social justice and diversity (SJD). This project was created with consideration of a university-wide effort to increase course offerings with content focused on SJD and to maintain the course’s goal of high-level student preparation for pediatric-related professional activities. The objective of the study was to determine the impact of the presentation activity on pharmacy student’s knowledge and perceptions regarding SJD issues that affect the pediatric population. Students were responsible for researching the issues, evaluating available literature, designing a presentation, and presenting the information to the class. Following the end of the course, students were emailed a voluntary online post-then survey containing 20 questions about students’ perceptions and knowledge surrounding SJD and pediatric patient care. Eleven of 13 enrolled students participated in the survey (85%) with 5 completing it entirely. Approximately half of respondents agreed to understanding the difference between diversity and marginalization in both periods (then and post). All respondents felt that SJD topics were important for pharmacists to understand and that the presentation activity made students feel able to more proficiently discuss these topics related to pharmacy (40% then vs. 100% post; p=0.059). Respondents felt/feel sufficiently aware (50% then vs. 100% post; p = 0.102) and sufficiently educated (40% then vs. 100% post; p = 0.102) following the presentation activity. Overall, the presentation activity seems to have a positive impact on students’ knowledge and perceptions surrounding SJD issues.
Pharmacy, Health Sciences, & Exercise Science
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