18. Eliciting Time Versus Grades

Caleb Sorrell Anderson University, Jack Stanton Anderson University, Shania Bishop Anderson University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Michael Bruce Anderson University
Upon reviewing the article, “Eliciting Time Versus Money: Time Scarcity Underlies Asymmetric Wage Rates” written by Ashwani Monga, Frank May, and Rajesh Bagchi, the primary question to be answered is “Which do people value more; their free time or money?” For the relevance of the target audience (Anderson University undergraduate students), our group will be conducting research focusing on: “Which do people value more; their free time or their grades?” Through tracking the habits and characteristics of students, professors will be able to focus their teaching practices in a way that satisfies student needs. In addition, students will become aware of their own personal preferences. This will allow them to make personal decisions that could potentially optimize their time to grades ratio.
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