15. Real-Time Remote Control of the Droege High Voltage Power Supplies

Mesut Caliskan University of Chicago
Faculty Sponsor(s): Henry Frisch University of Chicago
High Voltage Power Supplies for use with Multi-Wire Proportional Chambers (MWPC), otherwise known as the Droege, are still useful today in applications which require positive or negative high voltage supplies (DC) with low current, fast trip, or good transient response. However, local control of the output lacks precision and is inefficient, while the traditional method of remote control is problematic since the connectors, the cables, and the remote control modules no longer exist. I describe the development of a new system to real-time remote control the Droege over the Internet such that a specific voltage or an increasing/decreasing order of voltages with exact increments can be supplied with high precision for a desired duration. This new method has been developed using a micro-controller board (Arduino Uno), 10-bit analog-to-digital and 12-bit digital-to-analog converters, a Raspberry Pi and with the appropriate firmware and software. As a result, the Droege can be controlled from anywhere via the Internet with an output range of 0 to 7.5 kV with ±2.2 V uncertainty. In addition to this, the true output voltage and current can be remotely monitored with a range of 0 to 5.0 kV with ±5.0 V uncertainty and with a range of 0 to 500 μA with ±120 nA uncertainty. The desired voltage and time values can be set at each use without any modification of the code. Lastly, the method also enables the user to set an upper limit to the voltage and current as a safety measure.
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