11. Gravitational Wave Emission and Mass Ejecta for High Mass Ratio Binary Neutron Star Mergers

Allen Murray Purdue University Northwest
Faculty Sponsor(s): Aaron Warren Purdue University Northwest
Based upon various population synthesis models for binary neutron star mergers (BNS), high mass-ratios are possible but generally have not been simulated before. We study these cases along with the mass ejecta and gravitational waveforms. Our results generally validate the best-fit models for mass ratios up to but not exceeding 2.25, but the best-fit models tend to overestimate the magnitude of the ejecta mass as the ratio exceeds 1.75. We use visualization software to illustrate how the mass ratio affects the various physical quantities associated with gravitational wave emission. Finally, we employ simplified models to estimate the EM luminosities and light-curves of these events, and see how they depend on mass-ratio.
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