1. Indianapolis Airport New Route Plan

Ross Wilson Ball State University, Logan Burkley Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Fred Kitchens Ball State University
Established in 1962, the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) quickly grew into an award-winning, medium-sized hub. The airport is run by six different departments that control operations within the airport. The professional support team focuses on understanding customer demands and behaviors. In 2018, an analysis of travel data discovered a customer demand for routes to Paris. This project addresses the Indianapolis Airport’s need to respond quickly to changing customer demand. The airport needs to assess customer behavior to better provide tailored air service. Identifying customer behavior will allow the airport to respond more quickly to potential new routes. The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with the waterfall methodology follows a sequential procedural approach to identifying a set of six software applications which passed the feasibility analysis. Using criterion identified in consultation with the airport employees, five criteria were developed to evaluate the six software applications. The Multiple Criterion Decision Analysis (MCDA) method revealed the optimal software solution to the airport’s needs. The selected solution is Qlik Sense with the addition of the Qlik GeoAnalytics module. This provides easy mapping features that are not commonly found in other business analytics software, such as the use of third-party mapping data, multiple layers, and direct interactions with the map itself. Incorporating this solution into their new route planning process will allow them to respond quickly to changing customer demands.
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