1. The Importance in the Thought Behind Hospital Design

Haley Crowe Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Peter Wang Butler University
A hospital is not just a place to treat patients, but also a place to temporarily house them. No one thinks about the design of the hospital, yet the hospital design can play a huge factor in the patient’s experience and recovery. The purpose of the design in a hospital is to create an environment that is well equipped with appropriate space and technology for the patients or a productive work environment for the hospital staff. Hospitals have found that color and lighting can enhance the environment for patients, staff, and visitors. A movement in the health care design field explains that hospitals should focus on patient-centered care and incorporating features for healing environments, such as the soft lighting. Features such as adding in resource centers for patients and their families to educate themselves, providing rooms with space for family members to stay with patients, adding areas with natural light, and designing rooms so that patients have less falls are just a few features that hospital designers have found to increase the experience of the patients and their families. Health care design continues to seek to improve evidence-based architecture in hospitals. Based on the evidence of scientific research, these health care buildings can promote the healing of its patients, which is why these decisions about design are important. Specialists in health care have adopted the evidence-based design strategies worldwide. The focus on design just proves that working in the health care field is about more than just the treatment. It is about ensuring that patients and people in the hospital are comfortable and satisfied with their experience. This way, the patients knows that the hospital staff that take care of them are not only interested in their medical needs, but also in their emotional well-being which is just as significant to their medical stay.

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