1. Analysis of Phenotypic Changes During Drosophila Development due to Eyeless Modulation

Braeden Pearl Trine University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Hong Park Trine University
The purpose of the research is to analyze the eyeless (ey) gene’s overall role in Drosophila development by inducing ectopic gene expression using the Gal4/UAS or QF/QUAS binary system. These systems allow the selective activation of ey in a variety of tissue and cell specific patterns, causing overexpression and misexpression, ultimately resulting in gain of function phenotypes. These systems can also be coupled with RNAi, causing loss of function phenotypes. Since ey is known to control proper eye and brain development in Drosophila, upregulation and downregulation of ey are suspected to cause phenotypic defects and abnormal overall development. Once the results are collected, its role will be elucidated through further analyses.
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
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