1. Accent Stereotypes and their Accompanying Effect on Persuasion

Jessi Beaver Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Andrew Luttrell Ball State University
Accents in the United States are associated with different stereotypes, and these stereotypes can affect the way an individual perceives not only a speaker, but their message. The current study aims to analyze the effects of an individual’s accent on persuasion by examining perceptions of the personality characteristics of a Southern- and Midwestern-accented speaker, and whether those perceptions influence the persuasiveness of the speaker’s message. Participants will listen to a persuasive message regarding a fictitious backpack that is spoken in either a Southern American or a Midwestern American accent. The personality characteristics that will be studied include warmth and competence. In order to assess persuasion, participants will be asked to rate the quality of the backpack, as well as answer questions regarding intent to purchase. I hypothesize that the Southern speaker will be rated as more warm than the Midwestern speaker, while the Midwestern speaker will be rated as more intelligent than the Southern speaker. Also, I hypothesize that speaker accent will ultimately impact persuasion. If competence is a more important factor in persuasion, then the Midwestern accent will be more persuasive. If warmth is a more important factor in persuasion, then the Southern accent will be more persuasive.

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