“Chicas Raras:” A Comparative Study of Historical Spanish and 21st Century Feminism

Serenity Dzubay Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Terri Carney Butler University, Brynnar Swenson Butler University
Carmen Martin Gaite created the term “Chica Rara” to describe women who revolted against social norms and their gendered positions in society. Women of Spain, in particular, have not had as much of a chance to speak out against the patriarchy and masculine domination in a way that other women of different nationalities have had the opportunity to due to politics such as the Franco regime. This, however, does not mean that they have not rebelled- rather, they have found more creative ways to do so. I have done a comparative historical study of three women- Concha Mendez, Carmen Martin Gaite, and Ana Rossetti, three Spanish authors who lived and predominantly wrote before, during, and after the Franco regime in Spain. My thesis is that women such as these have learned to rebel against the patriarchy and male-dominated political structures by writing about their frustrations and rejecting their traditional roles in society. In essence, they have taken to literature to express their innermost thoughts and rejections of gender norms. I have researched the lives and historical/literary contexts in which these women wrote and analyzed 1-2 works for each one. Although each woman lived in a different time, wrote on a different subject matter, and had a different life experience, they all revolt against their gendered positions in society through their literary accomplishments.
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